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Description of Communication Services:

General Consulting and Content Creation:

Many people are aware of what they want but they are not fully sure how to articulate it to guarantee the desired impact or response. Our consulting service gives customers the assurance they need to create and implement their ideas for marketing, advertising, and effectively conveying their message before it is shared on a presentation level or prior to going public. Working with a communication consultant to advise you on your content is a wise approach to avoid losing money, valuable time, and potential clients.

Project examples: 
Special events, presentations, business report or proposals, sponsorship letters, marketing and advertising documents, public speeches, and oral content such as interviewing with media and crisis situations requiring a public response.

Ghostwriting and Copyediting:

Ghostwriting is for our valued customers who have a solid concept and brilliant ideas but lack strong writing skills or maybe they lack the interest or time it takes to create and complete the concept in written format. Echo-Luv Enterprises works to understand the overall message and key points of the client and then produce a powerful product based on the guidelines and message they want to achieve.

Copywriting service is the polishing of content that has already been drafted by the customer yet they seek a professional to review and make enhancements for accuracy, formatting, and alignment with the ultimate purpose. This also includes examining the document for consistency, redundancy, and readability for an extraordinary finished product that influences readers.

Television and Video Production:

For anyone who is in business, it will be difficult to experience growth, stay relevant to prospects and contend with today’s most successful marketing platforms without the use of video. Almost everyone who is seeing increase in their company is creating catchy, relatable content that reaches and engages viewers before fully introducing them to their services.  Echo-Luv Enterprises produces promotional and video branding content for broadcast television, social media, and websites.  Whether companies choose to highlight their products and services or prefer to be on-camera, we create compelling and professional content with an option for in-front of the camera coaching. 

Media Relations and Content:

Most people think the goal is to reach the masses.  Echo-Luv believes reaching the masses and having a positive and memorable impact is the true objective.  There are countless times where companies placed hundreds and thousands of dollars to promote a message that had no purpose intended, no target audience, and no strategy for reaching their primary demographics, thus resulting in lost opportunities and negative PR that can ruin reputation.  Let ELE help you to meet the world with our clear vision, strategic execution, and breakthrough results process.

Project examples:  Press releases and dissemination, press-kits, proactively seeking media opportunities, advise on advertisement negotiations, and short-term PR support for celebrity guests booked by clients for events and special programs.

With expert skillsets in mass communications, journalism, television production, pubic speaking, and project management we produce written, verbal, and video content for our clients for multiple reasons and on different platforms. This includes the management of their internal communication needs for business/staff development and strategies to support their marketing objectives.

Types of Consulting and Communication Services: 

  • Consulting and content creation toward specific and one-time projects
  • Ghostwriting and Copyediting: (Books, Articles, Blogs, Website Content)
  • Business Writing:  Business Documents, Contracts and Agreements, Office Forms
  • Concept and creative development for promotional/marketing purposes.
  • Public Speeches for media, crisis management, and special event purposes.
  • Scripts and language for social media branding, commercials, and ads.
  • Video/Television Production:  commercials, video branding, corporate projects, etc.
  • Media Relations:  press releases and dissemination, proactively seeking media opportunities, advise on advertisement negotiations, and short-term PR support for celebrity guests booked by clients for events and special programs.

Bring your vision and ideas to life!

Communication Consulting

Communication resources are vital elements for productive and lasting relationships in the workplace, with clients, and in life.

Our communications department is unique in that our focus is not the advancement of technology but the advancement of people, their message, and how it is communicated and received by others.  Our work with individuals, small businesses, new authors, and entrepreneurs revolve around the birthing of concepts and dreams transferred into words that reach and impact a target audience. 

Whether it’s ghostwriting, speeches, publications, or an executive needing to create internal communications for your staff or organization, we work with you to find the best methods for articulating your thoughts and overall desires.


Create compelling public information and advertising content that shows value in your services and products. Reach the masses!

It's time to put your thoughts and ideas in a clear and comprehensive format that influences your audience.

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If you're in business, you can't afford NOT to do video.  Be trained to be on camera and produce broadcast quality commercials and promos to get more clients.