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Personal Development

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We believe that strategies for personal and professional development are the keys to building unwavering confidence, improving performance at work, enhancing relationships, and giving people renewed hope in themselves and others.

​With a priority focus on personal growth, our aim is to assist individuals and organizations with creating a blueprint for success by leveraging where they are now based on previous, good and bad, decisions and establishing a strategy to reach the vision they see for their future.  Everyone desires more out of life, even if it’s to start with valuing who you are or having the mindset to overcome life's greatest tragedies. In our studies and work with clients of diverse backgrounds, we’ve learned that two of the most prevalent challenges for individuals is knowing, understanding, and actively loving themselves and having clear direction. The lack of self-awareness can significantly reduce a person’s ability to set goals, have a sense of purpose, have satisfying relationships, and perform effectively in the workplace.  Our mission is to address this issue by building people from the inside out.

​In terms of staff development, Echo-Luv Enterprises partners with clients to help produce excellence in their team by providing keynotes, workshops, and training series to establish create clear vision, strategic execution, and breakthrough results.  We bring awareness to potential pitfalls and behaviors that are hindering progress in the workplace and in their individual lives. Our goal is to ignite purpose that stimulates positive change in work environments, customer relations, and employee responsibilities

Examples of Focus Areas: (not limited to)

  • Keys to Personal Development
  • The Process of Purpose | Finding Your “Why”
  • Communication Strategies for Life & Small Business
  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Overcoming Rejection, Adversity, and Mistakes
  • Building Self-Esteem and Assertiveness
  • Improve Productivity through Self-Discipline
  • Conquering Procrastination
  • Creating a Culture of Confidence in the Workplace
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Transforming Weaknesses into Strengths      
  • Decision Making & Problem Solving


Coaching involves a collaborative partnership between a certified Coach (C.C.) and an individual or group.  Using professional coaching techniques and a series of in-depth questions, it is the coach’s responsibility to guide the client along a journey to explore and find the right answers toward their personal and professional goals.  The coach helps to identify what’s happening in the client’s life now and what they want for the future while providing reliable information to ensure measurable results.

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