Echo-Luv Enterprises uses various forms of efficient communications and personal development tools to assist others with identifying and achieving their most desired career and life goals.

Communications Department:

At Echo-Luv Enterprises (ELE), it is our privilege to manage and create compelling and informative content and communication resources for our valued clients and partners. The success of our clients’ projects is highly based on intimate, quality, and trust-worthy relationships that allow us to gain a solid understanding of their goals, services, and long-term vision. Our responsibility is to ensure that the message in your heart and mind is effectively conveyed to your target audience, while clearly representing the integrity of who you are and your company’s brand.

Core Service Areas:

  • Communications Consulting                                                                        
  • Business Communications
  • Ghostwriting  & Copyediting                             
  • Video/Television Production
  • ​Media Relations

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Personal Development Department:

Growing in business means growing those who work for your business.  It is essential that training and development are incorporated in the overall infrastructure of a company to secure consistent progress.  Statistics have proven that work performance improves when employees feel as if their bosses and supervisors are concerned for their well-being in and outside of their job duties. This means that training that builds the person personally and professionally benefits the employees and the organization.

  • Personal Development Series for Corporations
  • Keynotes/Seminars/Workshops
  • Life Coaching for individuals and families  
  • One-on-one Specialized Coaching 
    • Includes executive and private coaching  for high-profile pubic figures.
  • Public Speaking  and Communication Skills 
    • On-Camera coaching   
  • Self-help books & resources
  • Inspirational Videos                  
  • Special Events/Conferences


Enriching Lives Through the POWER of Communications & Personal Development

​​​​​​"A Communication Consulting & Personal Development Company"

Our Departments and Services:

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